BAE07-C300 / Shaking INCUBATOR, 230V



BAE07-C300 / Special movement shaking Incubator

  • Digital micro processor control [PID] for highest accuracy
  • Well designed ventilation system provides with accurate temperature control
  • Between the inside of mechanism and chamber are separated,therefore, there is no loss of heat
  • BAE MECHANISM (patented, 5steps angle adjustment system) allows orbital motion and various twist for movement
  • Dual mat to accommodate each vessels in the proper mat
  • LED display (shown actual speed or time)
  • “Up amd Over” door

Safety features :

  • Flashing alarm lamp to warn over-temperature
  • Over-temperature cut-out
  • Over-temperature safety thermostat

Product Specification / Models

Model – BAE07-C300

Speed Range – 30~300rpm

Shaking Angle – orbital range – 18mm

– 3D twist 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°

Temp. Range – +15℃ ~ 65℃

Temp.Accuracy – ±0.2℃

Motor – BLDC Motor

Dimensions(mm) – W470 x D630 x H410

Weight – 39kg

Wattage – 810W


Power – AC100V /50/60Hz

AC110V /50/60Hz

AC220V /50/60Hz

AC230V /50/60Hz (CE cert)

AC240V /50/60Hz


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