Delphi-X Inverso Fluorescence

  • Life science applications
  • Observation of fluorescence in tissues and cells
  • Brightfield, phase contrast fluorescence observations
  • DIC (differential interference contrast)
  • Long working distance IOS plan semi-apochromatic Fluarex achromatic objectives
  • Revolving sextuple nosepiece
  • 10 W LED or 100 W halogen transmitted illumination
  • 100 W HBO mercury vapor fluorescence illumination
  • Backwards tilting condenser arm
  • Easy placement of large objects
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The Delphi-X Inverso™ for fluorescence is an inverted microscope for the professional who needs to observe tissues or cells stained with fluorescence dyes. Super contrast semi-apochromatic Fluarex™ objectives with collar adjustment ring assure perfect observation of cells or tissues in 1.2 mm thick Petri dishes or flasks


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