DZ series

  • Binocular and trinocular models
  • 6 Standard configurations or customized configuration
  • Ergonomic tilting head from 0 to 35° tilting or fixed 20° inclined head
  • EWF10x/22mm eyepieces
  • 3 Magnification units from 4 to 320x
  • Ergonomic rack & pinion stands, universal stand or articulated arm stands
  • Transmitted and incident 3 W LED illumination
  • 100 W epi-fluorescence
  • Multihead versions
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The modular stereo microscopes of the DZ series combine ergonomics with very high resolution optics. Either standard versions or customized models are available thanks to the large choice of central zoom units, eyepieces, stands and accessories

Six standard configurations are available for magnifications from 8 to 80 times. One can customize configurations for magnifications from 4x up to160 times around the central zoom bodies DZ.1000, DZ.0800 or DZ.0630

A fluorescence illumination unit enables scientific research like for studies of vertebrate development and gene function, teratology, genetics and environmental sciences


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