Pirogov Interactive Anatomy Table

Pirogov is a system comprising Pirogov Interactive Anatomy Table with preinstalled Handbook of 3D Anatomic Charts software and Handbook of Anatomic Charts software suite for downloading on the computers of teachers and students.



Pirogov Interactive Anatomy Table

PIROGOV comprises a touch sensitive interactive anatomy table, the software suite Handbook of 3D Anatomic Charts and the licensed software suite Pirogov Handbook of 3D Anatomic Charts for downloading on personal computers and laptops.


Pirogov comprises the Anatomy Table and the software set “Anatomical 3D Atlas “Pirogov”.

  1. Anatomy table for class use, which can be connected to projectors, computer panels, video walls.
  2. License set for the computer classroom use
  3. Distance learning capability: remote access to the atlas


Capabilities of Pirogov 3D atlas

  1. Anatomy by layers, body systems and body regions
  2. Lobar structure and intraorganic structure
  3. Anatomic layer modeling
  4. Object description in English and Latin


Anatomy Scene Database

  1. Preinstalled set of scenes by body region, system and sensory organs
  2. Tools for creation of your own scenes by subject Instructors and professors can share their scenes with students


Pathologies Compared to Normal Conditions

  1. Organ comparison of healthy and morbid conditions
  2. Histological data images
  3. Description of pathologies


Diagnostics Data

  1. Comparison of CT, MRI and ultrasound studies with 3D human body models
  2. Any anatomic object or full body is available in X-ray mode

Knowledge Checks

  1. Independent test creation
  2. Any question and answer can be linked to 3D models
  3. Automated test checking









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