EduBlue Digital

  • Economical binocular models
  • Dual and triple magnification objectives
  • Dual and triple magnification
  • Cordless operation
  • Integrated digital 5.0 MP USB-2 camera
  • Integrated digital USB-2 camera
  • LED illuminators
  • Ergonomic carrying grip
  • Provided with APL (Anti-bacterial Protection Layer)
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The Euromex digital microscopes have equal functions compared to stand-alone microscopes. But since these microscopes have an integrated camera, these are offering a compact solution for viewing microscopy images without having to add an external camera to the microscope

The included software allows the user to view live images on the computer screen or beamer. The software also enables the user to capture  images, record videos and perform measurements

EduBlue digital microscopes with integrated 5.0 MP USB-2 camera

The EduBlue stereo microscopes are specifically designed for educational purposes and are equipped with WF 10x/20 mm eyepieces, a revolving nosepiece with double or triple magnification objectives. With transmitted and incident 1 W LED illuminations, 60 mm working distance. With three internal rechargeable batteries for corded and cordless operation. Supplied with an external power supply


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