UHD-4K Camera

  • Ultra HD 2160p, 8 MP, 1/8 inch color 4K Sony sensor
  • Available with 11.6” HD screen (VC.3040-HDS)
  • 3840 x 2160 pixels, 60 fps, H264 codec
  • ADC 16 bits, color depth 36 bits
  • Real time images directly on TV, monitor or beamer
  • Stand alone or used via PC
  • Built-in mouse-driven software
  • C-mount interface
  • 4K HDMI 2.0 standard
  • 2061p/1080p automatic switching
  • Gigabit ethernet, USB-3, Wifi LAN
  • SD memory card
  • Equipped with ImageFocus Alpha software
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High definition 4K UHD 2160p CMOS color camera
with HDMI and USB-3 interface

The Euromex 4K Sony Ultra HD camera offers – with the latest horizontal display resolution of 3,840 pixels (2,160p) and new 4K screens –  a new solution to modern microscopy for industry and laboratories where more spatial detail and contrast are needed. These 4K UHD image quality camera can be used for biological, metallurgical or stereo microscopes

The real time images generated with this standalone camera provide excellent color rendering at high frame rates, up to 60 frames per second

The 4K UHD ultra high definition camera can be used in two modes, in a stand-alone with its embedded mouse-driven software or in a computer controlled mode. A WiFi dongle is provided to connect the camera to the computer (ImageFocus Alpha software), should you wish to do so

Available with 11.6” HD screen (VC.3040-HDS)


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