MacroZoom MZ.5000 Digital

  • MonoZoom stand-alone digital microscope
  • Zoom from 0.7x up to 5x
  • 105 mm working distance
  • 170 mm working distance with 0.5x lens
  • Built-in incident LED ring light
  • Built-in 1080p 2 MP HD camera
  • HD 11.6 inch screen, -5° to 15°
  • Built-in mouse driven on-screen software
  • Conveniently build-in capture button
  • Removable 32 GB memory stick
  • Metal stand


MacroZoom MZ.5000 Digital 

The digital MacroZoom microscope is built around one 0.7 to 5x zoom objective and enables inspection of objects directly on an 11.6” LCD screen, -5° to 15° inclination. This kind of microscope is well-suited for inspection and quality control departments

The digital MacroZoom is equipped with a built-in full High Definition 1080p camera which can deliver up to 60 images per second and is connected either to the supplied and attached 11.6” screen or an external stand-alone HD screen


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